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It is unsettling, to say the least when a disaster has occurred. The emotions and sense of loss can be just as devastating as the emergency itself. Once past the event, you are now faced with having to clean up, restore your possessions and even remodel your property. , Ambrose Restoration can handle that for you. We provide restoration services throughout the Denver area for a variety of disasters and emergencies. Our team can tackle the difficulties of gutting and cleaning up, returning your possessions and structures to pre-loss condition.

Restoration services include:


Fires are devastating and can destroy entire homes and business. The Ambrose team will remove burnt fixtures, soot, smoke smells and water runoff. Each of our technicians are IICRC certified in fire and smoke remediation and restoration.


Water damage can last longer than the initial event. Mold can show up long after the cleanup has occurred. Ambrose has the equipment, technology and experience to handle all aspects of flooding and water damage. We can handle everything from flooded basements to mold remediation.


Smoke damage causes odors, discoloration and the smell does not dissipate with time. It soaks further into the wall, carpets and furniture making it virtually impossible to remove the longer it sits. Allow our team to remediate and remove the smoke damage to your property. Each of our service professionals are IICRC certified in smoke remediation.


Carpets are made from many kinds of textiles, from natural to synthetic. Trust the team with Ambrose to know how best to restore your carpets to their pre-disaster condition. Our experience works to your benefit when you don’t have to replace your carpet and it can be cleanedinstead.


Disasters can leave your home unsound on its foundation. Ambrose Restoration can stabilize or mend sections of any properties that need stabilization. Our know-how and dedication will make you feel safe at home for years into the future


Once the cleanup has occurred, and remediation services have been performed, it’s time to remodel. Our team will bring everything up to date with a freshening remodel to your property. From the clean-up to the restoration and remodel, Ambrose can do it all.

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From flooded basements to broken glass, leftover smoke smell to mold patches, we are ready to provide proven, affordable restoration for fire, wind, water and mold damage common in the Denver, CO area. Call us at 303-346-6265.

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