Carpet Restoration Services

Carpets take a lot of wear and tear and can be the main casualty when it comes to home disasters. If carpet doesn’t have to be removed and replaced they can be cleaned, returning them to their pre-disaster condition

Cleaning After a Disaster

Properly cleaning your carpets takes expert training, equipment and the right cleaning solutions. Each of our technicians is a licensed, bonded, insured and IICRC certified professional in water and fire damage restoration, as well as ACAC certified in mold remediation. With a foundation in service and appropriate training, our specialists can make sure that your carpets are safe as well as clean. Even if a carpet is dry after a minor water issue in your home, damage can occur to the pad or fibers. You run the risk of mold and other substances growing in your carpet and putting your family or pets at risk.

Carpets and area rugs are made from several types of textiles now and each requires special care. Trust the team at Ambrose to know how best to restore your carpets to their pre-disaster condition.

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