Affordable Fire Damage Restoration in Littleton, CO

House fires are upsetting, but the procedure for restoration doesn’t have to be. If not destroyed, homes can incur damage from the fire itself, from smoke as well as any water that was used to expel the fire. In Littleton, distress to homes from forest fires, campfires and fireworks is typical because of the state’s dry summer heat, but Ambrose Restoration can repair the damage, no matter what created it. We will help you turn back the clock on your damaged residence and transform it into your home sweet home once again.

Professional Fire Damage Clean-Up

Fire and smoke damage is anticipated after a residence catches fire. However, water damage from extinguishing the fire is also a factor in fire damage. When it comes to fires, restoration companies have been trained to repair residences from a large variety of damage types. If your residence has smoke damage, we can expertly restore that too.

Fire remediation projects are distinct because damage can arise from a combination of water, fire and smoke. We work with every fire damage case uniquely as a result. We take a specific approach to each residence and begin remediations according to the level of damage. Fire remediation is distinct because damage arises from a combination of water, fire, and smoke and each must be dealt with differently. We work with every fire damage case uniquely as a result. At Ambrose Restoration in Littleton, CO, we take a specific approach to each residence and begin remediations according to the level of damage.

Determine the Approximate Amount of Damage

A trusted fire damage restoration technician will evaluate the damage, making a note of each issue. It is important that each portion of the destruction is found before developing a plan of action, as restoration projects must be completed in the right order. Grazing over issues rather than treating them would lower home values and increase expenses later, and those costs are less likely to be refunded by insurance companies. Our thorough examination will make sure the remediation project takes care of all the damage quickly.

Hazardous Areas

The combination of fire and water damage can lead to grave structural problems for your home. To protect your home, our experts divide the safe areas from the unsafe portions of your property. We take an organized approach to our restoration projects to ensure the best service and finished results around.

Remove Excess Water and Thoroughly Dry the Area

Stagnant water needs to be taken out as quickly as possible, which is sometimes particularly challenging during our cold, Colorado winters. If left wet, each saturated spot will become a perfect home for mildew or mold growth, which compounds to further devastation. Our professional restoration team will get the water out quickly and proceed to our drying methods, taking care of all spots right away so that rot doesn’t have time to take hold.

Smoke and Soot Residue Cleaning

After the excess water gets pumped out, our restoration contractors clean surfaces around your home like floors and ceilings. Distribution of air-sanitizing technology to kill any lingering smoke odors is an essential part of this process. Damage from smoke has to be taken care of at once since it causes harm, not only to your home but to your well-being too.

Littleton, CO, Fire Damage Repair Quotes

The faster a trained Ambrose Restoration, professional from Littleton, CO, checks out your fire damage, the easier and more painless the repair will be. Call us so we can start a remediation plan. We work with your insurance provider, create an easy system of payment, and assist you in putting your life back together! We can be reached at 303-346-6265.

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