Smoke Restoration Cleanup in Littleton CO

A fire in your home can be devastating, but the smoke from the fire can cause more damage to your home than the actual fire. If you’ve had a fire in your home in or near Littleton, CO, contact Ambrose Restoration for smoke damage removal and cleanup. Our professional smoke damage restoration technicians are experienced, licensed and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Residential Smoke Remediation Services

After the initial fire has been put out, there will be damage from the fire, from the water used to put out the fire and from smoke and soot. At Ambrose Restoration, we are Littleton’s professional restoration and remediation experts. Some of the steps Ambrose Restoration will take for smoke damage removal and cleanup are:

  • A complete analysis of the damage and repairs that need to take place
  • Debris and damage removal
  • Smoke damage cleanup and removal
  • Hygienic cleanup and water removal
  • Eco-friendly cleaning materials that aren’t a danger to humans or pets
  • Structural repair and/or replacement
  • Remediation of smoke damage from personal items

Health Risks of Smoke Damage

In addition to the damaging effects smoke can have on your home, it is also a potential health risk to anyone who resides in your home, even your pets. Smoke and soot contain toxic materials that need to be remediated by the certified professionals at Ambrose Restoration. Some of the most common health risks from smoke damage and soot are:

  • Respiratory issues, including shortness of breath, asthma, bronchitis and excessive coughing
  • Skin discomfort and irritation
  • Extreme eye irritation, exacerbated pre-existing eye issues and damage to the eye from soot particles in the air

In addition to these common health-related issues, there are also long-term risks of smoke damage to consider, such as cancer. Because of the number of health-related issues that smoke damage can cause, it’s necessary to have certified smoke remediation professionals handle the cleanup. At Ambrose Restoration, we provide the residents of Littleton, CO, with the most efficient smoke damage removal and cleanup available.

Contact Ambrose Restoration for Smoke Damage Removal and Cleanup

Ambrose Restoration is Littleton’s foremost smoke damage repair and restoration services. Our professional, licensed technicians have extensive training in smoke remediation services and are properly insured for smoke damage cleanup and restoration.

We are certified by and follow the industry standards set forth by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Services. In addition to our certification, our technicians receive continuing education to maintain the highest standards in smoke damage remediation and are all properly insured. Contact Ambrose Restoration at 303-346-6265 for smoke remediation services. We can handle any type of fire damage and restoration services, having you back in your home in no time!

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