Water Damage Restoration in Highlands Ranch, CO

Ambrose Restoration is your local, trusted water damage restoration experts in Highlands Ranch, CO. We specialize in both commercial and residential water damage cleanup and water restoration services. Water damage can come from heavy rain or snow, floods, broken pipes, leaking sprinkler systems, appliances and more. It can cause damage to property quickly, from loss of flooring, drywall and furniture, to health issues related to mold and mildew.

Our Water Damage Cleanup Procedures

When a water disaster strikes, you can count on Ambrose Restoration for water damage cleanup and restoration. Every situation like this is unique, so we tailor our water damage restoration services to meet your needs. Some of the services we provide are:

  • Inspection: Our water damage contractors will first survey the area for the extent of damage using special tools that measure humidity levels in your home or business. We will compare moisture readings to the standards set by the Institution of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), for Highlands Ranch, CO.
  • Prevention of More Damage: The longer water sits, the more damage it causes, so we begin using dehumidifiers and removing standing water as quickly as possible. The amount of time this will take is dependent on the quantity of water, how long it’s been standing and the type of materials that need to dry out.
  • Drying and Containment: Our professional water damage restoration contractors will then use special dehumidifiers and fans to dry out the area. According to your needs, they may need to pull up carpet to dry underneath, remove baseboards, drill holes in the drywall or use special mats that draw up and absorb water for hardwood floors. We will do as little damage to your home as possible, but some of these methods may be necessary to prevent further damage and mitigate mold and mildew growth. Our water damage restoration services will also include continued monitoring of the humidity and moisture levels in the room.
  • Restoration: Once the moisture has been removed from your home, our water damage restoration team will clean up and remove all the tools used for drying and can begin repairing anything that may have been damaged.
Ceiling leak and electric cables.

Types of Water Damage Classifications

There are different types of water damage and classifications for our professional water damage restoration contractors to consider when they inspect your home. We’ll classify your water damage into one of the following categories:

Category 1: Clean Water
Category 1 water damage is classified as coming from sanitary water sources, such as water lines, faucets and toilet tanks.
Category 2: Grey Water
Category 2 water damage is classified as coming from “used” sources, such as dishwashers or toilets with urine. It has a level of contaminants that can cause symptoms of illness if ingested.
Category 3: Unsanitary
Category 3 water damage contains dangerous, unsanitary contaminants. Sources of Category 3 water damage can include toilet backup that contains feces, sewer backup and flooding from rivers or streams.

When our water damage restoration specialists come to your home, we’ll classify your water damage into one of these categories and begin the best treatment, according to the IICRC, immediately.

Contact Us for Water Damage Cleanup

When you need water damage cleanup or water damage restoration for your home or business in Highlands Ranch, CO, contact your local and trusted water damage restoration company, Ambrose Restoration. Contact us at 303-346-6265 or fill out our form online. When disaster strikes, you have a friend in the business.

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